Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Young People

Thinking to hire young people into your company? Here are the top five reasons why hiring young employees are a great approach.

Not all business leaders prefer to hire young people. Instead, most business owners are more attracted to experienced candidates. This makes it harder for millennials to secure a job. Worse, their chances are becoming limited since the outbreak of Covid-19 took place.

According to The Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), 75,000 out of 300,000 fresh graduates are expected to be jobless due to the pandemic. The total unemployment adds up to 116,161 people including jobless youth from 2019!

Importantly, millennials will take over 75% of the global workforce by 2025. Now than ever is a crucial time to understand the capabilities of young talents in the workforce.

In this post, we prepared five reasons why you should consider hiring young talents.

1. New and fresh perspectives

According to Randstad Malaysia, 56% of millennials want to be entrepreneurs. This proves that they are able to provide good business ideas through entrepreneurial thinking skills. Youngsters’ way of thinking is fresh and different compared to people who are knee-deep in the industry. They haven’t fully dive into the corporate world yet.

So, they see your biz from a different perspective. Hence, this is a chance for you to apply new ideas and recommendations that are yet to be practiced. Moreover, hiring young talents is beneficial when you want to target the millennial market.

They understand which marketing strategy attracts millennials. Young employees are able to find common ground with young prospects since they are around the same age. Thus, they can convert them to be customers.

Plus, you’re more likely to attract young candidates for your vacancies when you have younger employees in the firm. They understand how to communicate well with candidates and which factors make a company appealing to youngsters. As a result, the youth feels welcome to join your workforce.

2. Willingness to learn

Youngsters still retain a learning mindset from their study years. So, they are more ready to learn and absorb something new throughout the training process. Since it may be their first job, young employees have high enthusiasm to perform well. You can expect dedicated work from them as they conduct responsibilities wholeheartedly.

Also, they tend to have fewer behaviour issues since they don’t have old working habits to break. Thus, they are open-minded to receive advice from superiors and able to accept company regulations well. As you hire young people into your firm, it is an opportunity for you to shape them into your desired employee.

Young talents are similar to a blank canvas. Give them proper job shadowing to meet your business needs. Over time, you’ll see growth and improvement in your business.

3. Cost-saving

Hiring young talents costs less as compared to experienced ones. Young employees are often satisfied with a lower range of pay since they have less commitment on their plate. They are yet to have a spouse or children that depend financially on them.

However, hiring managers shouldn’t settle low wages for the youth. Especially when the amount is below the minimum market rate. Instead, invest and train young workers to become high-performing employees.

When you hire young people in entry-level positions, you’re able to move experienced staff up the career ladder. Thus, you can welcome fresh talents into your company without neglecting your existing staff.

Even better, you can directly absorb young employees from your internship programs. Not only you can save the hiring costs but you don’t have to start training them from scratch. They also get to enjoy the benefit of familiarity; the workplace environment and recognizable employees.

4. Tech-savvy

What set millennials and baby boomers apart is their full understanding of how the technology works. Millennials were born and grew up in the digital age. Thus, their brains are wired to implement modern technology more readily than that of older employees.

Furthermore, young employees often keep up with the latest software and apps. Hence, you’ll be more aware to apply cutting-edge technology in your business. This is a great way to drive your business forward as digital transformation is key towards success.

However, you can shorten the skills gap by building cooperation between the two generations. Match a millennial with a baby boomer through partnerships. The younger employee will walk their seniors through the learning process.

By hiring young talents, experienced staff can upskill themselves with modern technologies without feeling left behind. Plus, this helps to break silos between different generations and stimulate teamwork between them.

5. Adaptability and flexibility

Young people adapt easily to sudden changes, whether it is a technological change or a shifting work landscape. Hiring young talents certainly help when you’re converting your business to a remote work lifestyle. They understand how to cope with connections online while working from home or anywhere other than the office.

Furthermore, young people are flexible when it comes to working hours and locations. They are available to move to a different location around the country. Moreover, young workers are an ideal workforce when you want to work on something new since they are energetic and highly spirited.

The same goes with the journey towards digitalization. Companies that are able to digitally transform their business are thriving in this era. Hence, you need fast-learner employees to take full advantage of modern-age technology. With constant changes in technology and science, young employees have the upper hand to adapt well.


We understand that millennials aren’t every employer’s cup of tea. However, employers should put an end to a “no experience, no work” mindset.

In reality, business leaders should hire young people and give chances for them to gain experience. Youngsters may not have adequate experiences, to begin with, but their willingness to learn will make up for it.

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