It’s 2022! Are You Still Cold Calling in Recruitment Industry?

Cold calling in recruitment industry is outdated. Find out more alternatives to cold calling that could help you gain clients.

Are you working in a recruitment agency and still cold calling? Is cold calling in recruitment industry effective? Some may think that it is the only way to gain clients. However, in this modern era, cold calling has its pros and cons. You may be unsure if cold calling is still relevant or good enough for your company. Afraid not! We’ll walk you through the pros, cons, and even alternatives to cold calling to help you with your decision.

So what is cold calling in recruitment industry?

When you Google “cold calling in recruitment”, the results will mainly be cold calling sales strategies. However, cold calling in recruitment refers to the act of calling a person who has no idea about who you are or what you do. This person can be either a candidate or a hiring manager.

In terms of candidates, you cold call them to offer job opportunities. For hiring managers, you cold call them to fill their job vacancies. In this post, we’ll be highlighting how effective cold calling is when approaching hiring companies.

What are the Pros of Cold Calling in Recruitment?

It’s safe to say that any marketing strategy, even the simplest strategy like putting up physical banners or posters, has its own perks. Cold calling in recruitment is an old approach that is still quite effective even today.

1. You could potentially gain new clients

Cold calling in its simplest form means that you’d be reaching out to strangers who’ve never heard of you. In short, they’ve never heard of your services and may be rather intrigued with what you have to offer. As an external recruiter, you may have to tweak your cold calling scripts to fit the demographic that you’re calling!

2. It's extremely flexible

With the emergence of Covid-19, remote work has become more enticing to everyone. Cold calling gives you the flexibility of working anywhere and at any time. All you need is a smartphone and a laptop! There are suitable time frames within a day to call your prospects. For example, you could call them between 11 am to 1 pm or even 4 pm to 5 pm. People tend to be less occupied within these times so they’re more likely to answer your calls.

3. It allows you to get immediate feedback

By cold calling, you can engage with clients who may or may not like your approach. You could create affiliations with your prospects and receive constructive criticism. Also, you can cater and improve your approach based on the criticisms that you receive. It’s quick and you can gauge what works and what doesn’t in this field.

What are the Cons to Cold Calling in Recruitment?

Despite its benefits, there are pretty concerning disadvantages that come with cold calling clients. It is a common debate that cold calling in recruitment has more cons than pros.

1. It’s quite annoying

Calling people in the middle of their day can be intrusive, especially by someone they don’t even know. This is a widely shared sentiment. As an external recruiter, it may be hard to reach out to hiring managers in companies as they might be busy. It’s normal for cold calls to be redirected to voicemail or even rudely cut off.

2. It’s not really effective

Statistics show that only 2% of cold calls lead up to an appointment or referral of sorts. It’s clear that cold calling is not very effective and has a low success rate. You’re probably wasting a lot of time and resources by depending solely on cold calling as a strategy.

3. It’s old-fashioned

With the rise of social media marketing and other marketing strategies, cold calling in recruitment is just outdated. It’s also quite difficult for you to gather accurate data on the engagement that you get based on cold calls. Content marketing or email marketing allows you to get data quickly and accurately.

Does Cold Calling In Recruitment Still Work Today?

Cold calling may not be as effective as it used to be due to the low responses that you may get. Some experts believe that it still works but the approach people take determines its effectiveness. Cold calling does work well when coupled with other alternatives.

Alternatives to Cold Calling In Recruitment

With the boom in technology, there are many ways you can reach out to clients apart from cold calling. There’s always comfort in familiarity. You can opt to pair these alternative strategies with cold calling to gain more clients for your recruitment business.

1. Social Media

Nowadays, everyone has social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Tiktok. One of the best ways you could reach a larger target audience is by creating your online presence on social media as well. However, it’s always recommended that you do sufficient research and find a platform that is most suited to the audience that you’d like to reach. Most business owners would opt to market their services through Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a great platform for you to get in touch with potential clients. It allows you to engage with top-tier executives on their posts. For example, you could engage directly with CEO and business owners on LinkedIn. You can gain potential clients who are also following their accounts.

2. Email marketing

Email marketing is slightly similar to cold calling but less intrusive. You don’t have to deal with hang-ups or get sent to voicemail either. It’s also a lot more cost-effective and less time-consuming. You can also detail your service. This strategy will also give you better technical insights to improve your approach.

For example, you could get sufficient and accurate data about:

  • Those who unsubscribe to your emailing list
  • Subscribers who read your emails till the end
  • New subscribers who signed up to your marketing emails

3. Blogging

Blogging is a great way to reach out to clients. You can market your recruitment agency and build an impression for your audience through your blog content.

It’s best to remind yourself that your potential clients are your audience. This way, you can create knowledgeable blog content that specifically targets your audience.

4. Recruitopia

Recruitopia is an online recruitment marketplace that connects external recruiters to hiring managers. You can sign up for free and reach out to hiring managers with ease.

Now, connecting with your clients can be done at your fingertips. You could reach out to them while not being intrusive. Recruitopia caters to hiring managers as well so they’d be on the lookout for recruiters like you too!

All in all

Most people would say that cold calling in recruitment is quite outdated. However, we can’t deny that cold calling coupled with other approaches could land you clients.

Some people may be inclined towards this traditional approach. But, the choice to opt for easier and more efficient alternatives as listed above is always yours!

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