Best Free And Paid Job Portals In Malaysia

The Covid-19 pandemic has flipped Malaysia’s economy upside down. With mass resignations worldwide, a phenomenon known as the Talent War causes an immense talent shortage.

Due to the Talent War, recruiters all over the world have to try different ways of hiring. In other words, they may have to overhaul their traditional hiring approaches, such as posting job ads in newspapers and cold calling candidates.

Much like casting a net over a school of sardines, you may get both suitable and unsuitable candidates at once. However, a great way to increase your chances of hiring candidates is to use job portals. In this post, we’ll show you the top free and paid job portals in Malaysia.

Free Job Portals in Malaysia

1. Jora for Employers

Jora is a well-known free job portal for employers. You could post multiple job ads on their site within minutes for free. This way, you could reach out to millions of candidates across this nation and all around Asia. You’d be saving cost and time too!

2. is a both free and paid job posting site. You could post your job ad directly from your Applicant Tracking System (ATS). However, sponsoring specific job ads allows you to reach even more candidates on the platform. According to, you’ll get ten times more candidates via sponsorship!

3. Snaphunt

As apt as their slogan “Hire Right. Hire Fast”, Snaphunt allows you to hire top tier candidates quickly and efficiently. Their features will enable you to get auto-generated job descriptions for your vacancies. With cutting edge AI reference technology, you’d also be able to collect references to hire the best candidates.

4. Beamstart

Beamstart allows you to post as many job postings as you want. You’d also be able to get as many candidates for each job posting. However, you may feel a bit cautious, thinking that you might get spammed with irrelevant resumes and emails. Fret not! Beamstart has a system to verify only relevant candidate resumes to reach you.

5. Adnexio

Adnexio is a free job posting portal in Malaysia that allows employers to post part-time vacancies. They provide assurance that the candidates you get are skilled and sufficiently trained for the roles available.  Adnexio allows you to monitor if candidates show up for their gigs and if a candidate ghosts you, a replacement candidate for the gig would be automatically booked!

Read more about candidate ghosting here! It’s more common than you think!

1. Indeed

Indeed is well known for its free and paid job posting services. While the free service seems enticing, Indeed mentions that sponsored jobs are 4.5 times more likely to be filled. With over 250 million users, you’ll get many candidates. Indeed also provides job screener questions which increases your chance of hiring candidates by 40%. As a leading job portal in Malaysia, Indeed allows you to mark top-pick candidates for your vacancies and automatically decline the rest of the candidates!

2. Monster

Monster is not only a job portal but also a multiple-services platform that provides:

  • Custom job templates
  • Employer branding solutions
  • SEO career site

Unlike any other job portals, Monster seems to optimise hiring for employers by providing a job posting platform and using data analytics to target quality candidates through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They also offer comprehensive employer branding solutions such as banners, Interstitial Ads, Search Results takeovers and Targeted Mailers. Hence, you’ll be able to hire faster and attract better candidates through such branding means.

3. Hiredly

As their catchphrase “Hiring Made Easy” goes, Hiredly aims to ease hiring for employers by incorporating both job portal recruitment and headhunting on their platform. Their platform focuses on the hiring of junior to mid-management candidates. On top of that, you don’t have to pay any upfront fees. You’ll be able to access their built-in recruitment automation tools by purchasing just one job slot!

4. FastJobs

Not many job portals in Malaysia allow employers to try out their services with a trial run. FastJobs differs from the rest as they enable employers a trial on their service. Their platform also provides an employer dashboard that allows employers to see their job posting performance (whether it’s doing well or not). Thus, employers will be able to analyse and improve their hiring process based on these analytics.


MyStarJobs provides flexible payment packages to hiring managers who are looking to post their vacancies. You could also gain access to Star’s online network. This paid job portal also provides easy posting procedures and various employment options.

All things considered,

Are you looking for job portal alternatives? Can we recommend something better to you? Recruitopia can help you through referral hiring! Post your job opening on Recruitopia, and you’ll get pre-screened candidates from a network of industry experts. You’ll only need to pay once you’ve secured a candidate and save up to 60% of your hiring cost.

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