7 Fun Team Building Activities Worth Trying

Most of you have heard of “your employees are your greatest assets”. Employees who trust and have open communication with each other tend to have good work quality that will eventually increase  the company’s revenue. One of the ways that companies can do to strengthen the bonds between employees is by organising team building activities.

Some people think that team building activities are wasting the company’s resources as they’re usually conducted on one of the working days and are additional expenses to the company. However, think of it as an investment. When you invest in your employees, you’re actually doing it for the better of your company.

Team building activities provide many benefits, for example:

  • Connecting employees, especially those who work remotely
  • Increase motivation and confidence — team members feel more motivated and confident after completing team building activities
  • Improve communication — employees have to talk to each other to complete the activity, encouraging them to open up and be themselves
  • Build trust — employees get to know each other better (i.e. capabilities, interests, weaknesses) and trust others in completing activities together
  • Better productivity — everything mentioned above is a recipe for better productivity!

So now you know that organising team building activities is essential for the growth of the employees and company. The question is, how can you do it in a fun way? In this article, I’ve listed seven fun team building activities that are worth trying:

1. Back-to-Back Drawing

This activity is simple yet powerful for building communication skills. You have to prepare some paper, markers, and printouts of simple shapes or line drawings. Next, split the group into pairs and ask them to sit with their back facing each other. One will get a picture of an object, while the other gets a marker and a piece of paper.

Then, set a time limit, perhaps 1-2 minutes. The ones who get the object picture need to give verbal instruction to their partner to draw without telling them what the object is. The winner is the pair whose drawing is the closest to what’s described.

2. Pet Fashion Show

Some employees have a pet at home, be it a dog, a cat, an iguana or even a sugar glider. List down the name of the people who own a pet, and divide your employees according to the number of the pet owners. Each team will consist of 1 pet owner, and every team member has to dress the pet owner and the animal according to the theme given.

The criteria of the winners could vary, such as:

  • the costume
  • the engagement between the pet and the owner
  • the duo performance of the duo
  • the choice of music
  • the background dancers

3. Escape Room

If there’s an escape room or places that offer similar services nearby, go for it! The escape room requires teams to work together to make an escape by solving clues and planning the next steps without the help of the internet and mobile phones. This activity helps develop employees’ leadership, collaboration, teamwork, communication, trust, and problem-solving skills.

It’s also fun as there are various themes for the activity such as murder mystery, breaking out of prison, hunting for a Mayan treasure, etc. On top of that, employees will leave the place feeling united.

4. Cultural Party

Yes, you can simultaneously organise a party and make it your team building activity. If you hire talents from different nationalities, a cultural party will boost diversity and inclusion in your company. For example, why not organise a potluck cultural party?

Group your employees according to their nationalities and ask them to bring their traditional dishes (homemade or pre-order). Then, name your meeting rooms with capital cities across the world. You could ask your employees to wear their traditional clothes or perform some traditional dances. Remember to provide some snacks, drinks, and exciting gifts for your employees!

5. Shark Tank

The American business reality TV show is fun to watch and full of amazing ideas. In the show, some aspiring entrepreneurs have to pitch their company or product to big investors such as Mark Cuban, Richard Branson, Barbara Corcoran, and Daymond John. The investors then will point out the weaknesses and faults. Interested investors can make a ‘handshake deal’.

Inspired by the TV show, split your employees into some teams consisting of up to 6 participants. The groups have to pitch a service or product to the “investors” (the senior-level executives), including the name, slogan, business plan, and marketing plan of the service or product.

Although the nature of the TV show is serious, you can make the team building activity fun. For example, setting an outrageous theme or the most outrageous pitch will be the winner.

6. Egg Drop

For this team building activity, you’ll need a carton of eggs, tape, plastic, newspapers and glue. Then, divide your employees into teams and ask them to build a carrier that will keep an egg safe should it fall from a two-story drop.

What if there’s more than one winner? Increase the height of the drop! By the way, things could get messy but don’t worry. You can always organise the activity outdoor, for example, in the parking lot.

7. Office Trivia

You can conduct this game anywhere, no equipment nor preparation is needed. First, split your department into a few teams. Then, someone will ask some trivia questions such as:

  • What is the CEO’s favourite colour
  • How many Alex(s) are there in the company
  • What’s in the first cupboard of the pantry; and so much more

The team with the highest score will be the winner and receive a gift. In contrast, the losing teams have to perform a group dance (or something else) according to the chosen music.

All in all,

Are you getting excited about organising your next team building activity? I hope so. Have fun, and I hope the ideas above can help unite your employees!

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