5 Questions You Need To Ask Your Potential Recruitment Agency

Are you confident about your potential recruiting partner? Ask these questions to screen the best recruitment agency for your business.

So, you’ve decided that partnering with a recruitment firm will bring benefits to you. But, you’re not sure what kind of questions to ask your potential recruitment agency. With so many agencies out there, choosing the ideal recruiting partner to work with may not be easy. You need to ensure that they’ll represent your company well and source the right candidate for you.

But, how do you know you’re choosing the right recruiting partner? Whether you’ve worked with agencies in the past or this is your first time, you should screen them with several questions. Our list of questions can help you determine which recruitment agency will be a perfect fit.

1. Does your company own a license as a Private Employment Agency (PEA)?

A legal recruitment agency must own a license before carrying out any recruiting activities in Malaysia. This license is authorized by The Ministry of Human Resources and has a validity of two years.

Depending on the type of recruitment activity the agency wishes to carry out, they could fall under one of the three categories as below:

Categories of License and it's activities that are permitted:


Job placement for a job seeker within Malaysia


Job placement for a job seeker within and outside Malaysia, and foreign domestic servant within Malaysia


Job placement for a job seeker within and outside Malaysia, and non-citizen employee within Malaysia

Check with your recruitment agency which category they fall into and ask them to show you the License. If they refuse to do so, it could be an immediate red flag for you.

2. Do you have experience when recruiting for our industry?

You want to choose a recruitment agency that specialises in your field. If your business is logistics-related, you’d want an agency that sources continually in this industry.

This assures you that they’re more expert in finding trained and experienced candidates. By knowing they’ve worked on similar roles, you’ll feel more confident that the agency understands the type of applicants you’re looking for.

Usually, experienced recruiters already have an established network in their specialised areas. They may already have suitable candidates on their database.

Thus, finding a recruitment consultant who knows your industry well will greatly reduce the time-to-hire. Plus, both parties can work more efficiently throughout the hiring process.

3. Can you provide testimonials from other clients?

Ask your potential recruitment partner for customer testimonials and success stories. This information will provide reassurance that they’re as competent and successful as they claim.

You’ll also have a clearer idea of the agency’s approach. You’ll get to decide whether you feel comfortable with them representing your business in the search for your staff.

4. How long has the consultant who will be handling your vacancy been working with the recruitment agency?

The ideal recruitment businesses to work with are those who are able to provide consistent, high-quality service with well-trained staff that doesn’t change often.

When you work with an agency on a repeat basis,  you want to work with familiar faces. Those are the people who’ll remember your requirements and be able to respond to your needs quickly and efficiently.

There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing the person who handles your vacancy has changed every time you call a recruitment company. Learn how established the agency is and how long the recruitment consultant you’ll be working with has been there.

If a consultant hasn’t been with the business for a significant amount of time, then enquire about their previous background to determine their confidence and credibility.

5. How do your recruitment process and strategy work?

Trusted agencies aren’t afraid of being upfront on their recruitment procedures. They’ll usually conduct a thorough interview with you. Thus, you’ll have a clear idea of how their recruitment process takes place.

During the interview, ask the agency to explain each of their steps.

How do they interview candidates? Does the recruitment agency follow the correct and ethical process?

You can also check with the recruitment agency how they advertise your vacancies. You want the agency you engage in to be able to reach a broad selection of job seekers including passive job seekers

They are people who are currently employed but would consider moving to a different job if the opportunity arises. You should be looking for an agency that advertises with large job boards such as JobStreet, Mau Kerja, Glassdoor, Indeed.

Get to know if the agency applies vacancies in industry-specific job boards and CV sites for more niche positions. Find out if they are using any innovative ways to attract the right type of people.

In short

Thoroughly research your options and ask questions like the above should be able to help you decide on which recruitment agency to work with. It is vital to partner with the recruitment agency that you trust.

By developing a strategic relationship with a recruitment agency, they can provide a consistent stream of quality candidates based on your business needs, and ultimately save you both time and money.

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