5 Effective Ways to Hire Your Desired Employee

Learn five ways to hire employees effectively. From crafting the job advertisement to working with professionals, we got you covered.

Employment has come to a temporary pause due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Most employers believe that hiring new talents in the middle of the pandemic is not a good idea.Yet, sectors like manufacturing, communication, education and health are still resilient. They're in demand to expand their workforce.

This is the right time to prove your capability as a business leader to recruit new talents.If you're looking for hiring methods that work, here are five effective ways to do so.

Head-turning job advertisement

To start off, you need to create an effective job ad. The ad must stand out among others but be able to filter out unqualified applicants.

i. Job requirements

Job requirements are the first thing candidates observe before applying. Thus, you need to be aware of what you're looking for in a candidate. These are some questions to get you started:

  • Is there any academic qualification required for this role?
  • Do professional license or certifications is a must?
  • What skills are needed for the role?
  • What will they do on a daily basis?

ii. Target pool of applicants

Depending on the role, you need to decide whether you're hiring locals or foreigners. If experience is necessary, decide how many years are relevant to the role.

Experience may not matter if you plan to hire foreign workers. But for locals, it's best to determine whether you'd prefer experienced candidates or fresh graduates.

iii. The significance of the location

Working remotely is the new norm. Ask yourself, is it necessary for the candidate to be present in the workplace? If working remotely is applicable:

  • Does the candidate willing to work independently with less guidance?
  • Does he/she able to work productively from home?

iv. Design

We suggest choosing colour tones that represent your business best. But, it's best to apply minimum colour palettes to make the job ads appear clean.

In terms of job ads template, choose one with a neat layout structure. This portrays professionalism and helps to deliver your message in order.

Then, we recommend using readable fonts such as Bookman Old Style, Verdana and Segoe UI Semibold. Calligraphy fonts may appear fancy but they can be difficult to read at times.

Captivating media impression

First impression matters, especially through media. Outstanding candidates will collect information online before they decide to apply. This includes your company’s website and social platforms. You're more likely to attract talents if your firm appears supportive and tech-savvy.

Moreover, a site like Glassdoor helps candidates to receive honest feedback from employees. Thus, it's crucial for every company to promote its company culture. Maintaining a reputable company not only improves your retention rate but also attracting newcomers.

Nail the interview

Whether you're hiring virtually or not, you want to make sure you ask the right questions. This way, you can evaluate the candidate’s behaviour and analytical skills. Some of the recommended questions are:

  • How do you think your previous manager would describe working with you?
  • How do you overcome your struggles throughout your career?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • Tell me something about yourself that's not in the resume.
  • What skills would you like to improve?

Towards the end of the interview, give some time for the candidate to ask questions. Let the candidate express themselves comfortably.

In fact, you'll get the chance to understand what's important to them. Be honest about your work culture as well. Keep in mind that salary is not the only factor that's appealing to candidates.

If you plan to recruit foreign workers, it's highly recommended to have a translator. This promotes clarity and avoids miscommunication especially when it comes to workload expectations. Also, you can also come out with dealbreakers - what kind of answers or behaviour is a big 'no'.

Keep the details in sight

Action speaks louder than words, but so is inaction. Whether you're confident with your decision or not, a reference check is a must. It provides you with the opportunity to validate facts from the resume and interview. Reference check gives you important insights from someone that knows the candidate well.

Some recommended questions are:

  • What were the easiest and most challenging aspects of managing this candidate?
  • What is his/her biggest accomplishment while working for your company?
  • If you had the opportunity, would you re-hire this candidate?
  • How would you rate this candidate’s work?
  • How did he/she support coworkers?

Screen their LinkedIn profile can help you to be more confident in your decision as well. Doing so helps you to compare professionalism between their LinkedIn profile and resume.

Work with professionals

The best candidates for your vacant role are the passive ones. Passive candidates are those who are satisfied with their current job. But, they're willing to move if a better opportunity arrives. These candidates are difficult to reach since they rarely look at job advertisements. Sometimes, the talent you need is working for one of your competitors.

With help from a professional recruiter, you can reach passive talents. Recruiters are industry specialists so, they understand the criteria needed for your job openings. Therefore, they manage to fill up your vacancy faster with a wide database of top candidates.


Recruiting the right talents reflect on your skill and your company’s reputation. Hence, it's crucial to hire well-targeted employees. Most importantly, they bring benefits to the firm in the long run.

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