10 Feng Shui Office Tips To Boost Your Success

An interesting article that I read in the Guardian a few years ago inspired me to write about these feng shui office tips. The article shares how Donald Trump incorporated feng shui into his real estate holdings and other businesses.

The metal globe in front of the Trump International Hotel and Tower? It’s not mere decoration, it’s strategically located to deflect the negative energy from the oncoming traffic. What a surprise, I didn’t see it coming from someone who often criticises China!

The article helps to shape my perspective towards feng shui. At first, I thought incorporating feng shui was some kind of betrayal to my religion. However, I believe we can learn from the previous President of the United States that we can incorporate feng shui to boost our success at work, regardless of our religion.

Don’t worry; I will not suggest you buy any statues. It’s more about finding the right placement to harmonise your work environment and invite prosperity. So here are ten feng shui office tips that are simple, easy to follow, and will boost your success:

1. Have a wall behind you when sitting

If you can choose your workstation in the workplace, choose a desk with a wall behind you. This location is called a commanding position. A wall represents stability and support, as if you have someone’s at your back to push your career to the next level.

It’s even better if you can see the entrance from your seat. Avoid a desk that’s in line with the door, as whoever goes in and out will distract you. The same thing goes for having a door behind you when sitting. It represents a chance of someone stabs you in the back.

2. Declutter your office desk

A study conducted by the University of Minnesota found that a messy desk is a sign of genius. Some of you may agree with it, but unless you’re working from home, I believe your boss and colleagues will give you a disapproval look.

According to feng shui, a disorganised desk can accumulate stagnant energies and invite issues between you and your colleagues. Therefore, make sure you keep your desk neat and clean it up before leaving the office. With this, you’ll feel more motivated to complete your task the next day.

3. Avoid sharp corners or edges

One of the feng shui office tips is that your office desk shouldn’t be facing any sharp corners or edges such as walls or pillars as they can invite negative energy. You should also avoid sitting underneath any ceiling decoration with sharp corners or edges, as they may cause you unhappiness, migraines, and pressure.

4. Decorate your work area with flowers and plants

Apparently, having some greens near your work area isn’t only good for your eyes but also encourages growth and attracts positive energy. Mini cactus may be simple and easy to take care of, but it has many sharp edges, which is a no-no in feng shui.

Choose flowers and plants that attract harmony, health, and prosperity. For example, lucky bamboo plant (place it on the northeast), peace lily (on the east), and money plant (at the entrance or on the northwest of the room).

If you’re aiming for a promotion, orchids are a great choice as it attracts opportunity and success. You can choose tulips, lilies, narcissus, and iris to attract financial abundance. Chrysanthemums are good to combat stress as they promote balance and ease.

5. Say no to hanging mirrors

Ladies, sometimes you may need a quick makeup fix at your desk, but please don’t place a hanging mirror on your desk. Even better, avoid sitting near hanging mirrors or anything reflective, especially when they’re located at your back. Hanging mirrors attract complaints and increase the chance of your colleagues stabbing you in the back.

6. Have water elements near you

Water is a powerful symbol of money in feng shui as it promotes chi energy that attracts prosperity and health. Incorporate water elements at your office desk or near your work area to tap into the prosperity by placing a desk fountain with moving water or a fish tank with goldfish in it (gold = money).

P.S. for desk fountains, ensure the water moves towards you (money flows to you).

7. Opt for blue or green

Believe it or not, colours will affect your mood. For example, restaurants often choose red to arouse the appetite, while orange promotes creativity. What about the workplace?

For feng shui office tips, blue is the best colour for (most) businesses. It reminds us of the sky, relaxing, and signifies free spirit. If you wish to invoke loyalty, trust, responsibility, and reliability, blue is your best friend!

Another option is pale green which signifies money, nature and balance. The green colour is good if you’re working in a creative industry as pale green also promotes creativity.

8. Keep multiple currencies in your wallet

Love travelling? Great! I guess you have some paper notes from your overseas trips at home. Rather than keeping them somewhere at home, keep some of them in your wallet to attract wealth. Carrying multiple currencies in your wallet means you’re attracting wealth from around the world. Remember, only paper notes counted!

9. Place a red table lamp

Are you working from home? If yes, add a touch of red to your work desk! But don’t place just anything, you need to put a red table lamp at the south corner of your desk. Feng shui suggests that doing this will help you to attract fame, achievements, and promotion. Choose a vibrant red colour instead of dark (i.e. burgundy).

10. Choose the right chair

Apparently, your choice of chair can affect your success. Choose a chair with a high back that represents more support for your career. The colour of your chair can also invite certain elements. See below for reference:

  • Fire element (red) — passion, inspiration, recognition
  • Water element (black) — wisdom, intuition, social connections
  • Earth element (yellow or brown) — support, boundaries, nourishment
  • Wood element (green or blue) — rejuvenation, growth, new beginnings
  • Metal element (white) — beauty, precision, organisation

So, those are ten feng shui office tips to boost your success. Don’t hesitate to incorporate feng shui into your life, especially when it comes to your career. I wish you abundance and prosperity.

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